Where are you located?

At the LACCD Van De Kamp School Campus:

2930 Fletcher Dr. 

Los Angeles, CA  90065

(Enter through the gate on San Fernando Rd. behind Denny's Restaurant)

Conveniently located just a few blocks from the 2, and near the 5 Freeway.


ASTROTURF TICKET PARKING: is located directly adjacent to the main gate entrance on San Fernando Rd. You will need to purchase a parking ticket at the gate in order to park on the school campus. Parking is $10 per car. Please do NOT park at Denny's or your car will be towed.


How much are tickets?

All tickets (except VIP passes) are priced per person and range from $10-$14 for Advance Ticket Sales. Ticket prices at the door, the day of the event, are $2 dollars more per person, $14-$16.  Group tickets are available.  Please contact us for the specific event you're interested in for pricing at ralph@electricduskdrivein.com



Nearly all of your questions can be answered here!



What do you have to eat? Can i bring food or drinks

Our Snack Shack offers BBQ items such as hot dogs, bacon hot dogs, hamburgers, cheese burgers, veggie burgers, grilled chicken sndwiches, and a wide variety of candy, popcorn, chips and beverages! You can bring outside food but no alcohol or smoking in the premises.



What are the Outdoor Astroturf Seats?

​You’ve got the best seats in the house!  Our large patch of fresh Astroturf offers the closest seats to the screen, where you’ll sit under the great wide open, mingle with your fellow moviegoers, and listen to the audio through our outdoor speakers.  Think "lawn-style" -- it's an "al fresco" viewing experience. This doesn't include parking. High chairs welcome and chairs recommended.

You're SOLD OUT?  But can I​ still get a ticket?
If an event is listed "sold-out", we will NOT have tickets to sell at the gates the day-of. Tickets can open up of last minute cancellations, inquire in premises only.


What is General Admission?

General Admission allows car drive-in. Tickets are per person not per car. Large groups welcome please email Ralph@electricduskdrivein.com




Do I have to print out my ticket?

We have a check-in list of all reservations.  You do NOT need to being your tickets, but if you don't bring them, you will need a photo ID in order to check in.

What is VIP?

 VIP allows up to 4 people in 1 car. Front row seating no matter what time you show up!

Do you have private events and rent out the venue?

Yes please email Ralph@electricduskdrivein.com



What if it rains or I'm running late?

​It doesn’t rain in LA! But in case it does, we will have to cancel and get you a refund. You’ll be notified at the email address you’ve provided upon purchase -- so make sure it's legit!

If i need to leave early is it possible?

​Yes let the parking attendants now you are leaving early so they can park you close to the exit.


How do i listen to the audio?

You will listen through FM station 88.3 to listen to the movie!


What else should I know?

​1) There are port-a-pottie.

2) We are pet friendly! But for the safety of others, please bring your pet with a leash.

3) Cars are positioned by our parking attendants according to size. For example, an SUV won't be blocking a Fiat. We make every accommodation possible to allow you the space and comfort you desire, as long as it doesn't interfere with someone elses view.  


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